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Rs.2999 only is the first Home Car Detailing & Car Wash Service you can trust. We provide our services at cheapest rates in Lahore. Our specialists are waiting to service you the best.

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Car Wash in Lahore

In Lahore you are now able to get quality home based car wash service at cheapest rates in the market. Our service is available 7 days a week at your comfort time and date. It will take 6 hours to complete the car detailing service in Lahore at your home in front of your eyes.

Complete Car Detailing in unbeatable price of 


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Interior Detailing

✓ Complete Interior Detailing

✓ Seats, Carpet , Headliner , Dashboard

✓ Restoration of Interior to new like look

✓ Complete Interior Polishing

Exterior Detailing

✓ Body Bugs and Tar Removing

✓ Compounding & Scratch Removing

✓ Waxing & Polishing

✓ Tyre & Rim Cleaning

Engine Detailing

✓ Complete Engine Detail

✓ Degreasing and Rust Removing

✓ Safest chemicals tested on multiple cars

✓ Engine thorough polishing

Protective Coatings

✓ Complete Interior Exterior Polishing

✓ Interior Polishing brings backs the lost shine

✓ Inreases the life of car parts

✓ Enhances the overall look of the car 

What is Auto Detailing?

Auto detailing is the way to clean your car & give it the shine it deserves. Car detailing includes complete interiour and exterior car wash, compound, polish, tyre polish, engine detailing & mats cleaning.

Why do Car Detailing in Lahore

Lahore is the most beautiful city in Punjab, Pakistan & also the capital city of Punjab. Lahore is also famous for the businesses spots. Also Lahore is much polution which harms your car,therefore, people in Lahore always needed a service by which they can increase the cleanliness & shine of their luxury car. A luxury look & shiny car is the dream of every car owner in Lahore but due to the polluted air, dust, sunlight & rain in 
Lahore, your car becomes dull and its shine is decreased over time due to which you never get satisfied with your car cleanliness & shine. Also with time due to the dirt you feel bad smell inside your car. Your car seat covers also become dusty overtime, these are the reasons you should choose to get our services to restore your car shine & cleanliness. So that you feel comfortable with your car cleanliness.

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Detailing for Marriage

Every person in Lahore needs unique marriage ceremony so that it is remembered by everyone. And if you have a car you can give it a new like look by the help of our professonal staff who will do thorough detailing of your car at your doorstep in Lahore. Car detailing will make your marriage ceremony in Lahore remembarable.

Business Meetings

As Lahore is a business hub after Karachi and lot of business meetings takes place here and many big companies are located here. It has numerous business lines located all over. For moving to these business hub places you must have a cleaned & well polished car so that you feel proud of yourself when moving in these areas of Lahore. Also new-look car will give you an edge on other employees & your employer too.

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Why Choose us For Your Car Washing in Lahore? will become your first priority for your car wash & detailing service in Lahore because of the following facts.

Exceptional Customer Service

We know that every customer need a clean & shiny car, and we give exceptional customer service to give him the car he needs.

Protection Against the Elements

At we focus on protecting your car from all those elements which can damage your car. We bet you will love our services.

We Are Honest & Excited

We are the most honest and reliable home car wash service provider in Islamabad. We love our work and we never make you sad.

Quality Car Wash Equipment

All the equipment & car was materials that we use are of high quality & we believe in customer satisfaction.

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