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Car Washing Pakistan is the first car wash company in Pakistan providing services in all major cities of Pakistan. We deliver our services at cheapest rates in Pakistan. Come grab our services to enjoy a ride in our clean & shiny car today.

Car Detailing Service

We provide service in the following cities in Pakistan, come order our services in these cities.


If you are from Islamabad, you can order our car wash service. Grab our services today

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If you are from Rawalpindi, you can order our car wash service. Grab our services today

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If you are from Lahore, you can order our car wash service. Grab our services today

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What is Car Detailing?

You may be not familiar with car detailing & what it includes. There is a major difference between a car detailing and a normal car wash in showrooms. In normal car wash only the exterior of the car is washed whereas in car detailing our specialists beside washing your car, they also compound & polish your car. And also they do full interior wash and detailing of your car. The engine bay is also washed and engine detailing is done by our professionals. Every square inch of your personal baby car is cleaned both exterior as well as interior of the car.

Marriage Festival

A precise moment needs some special cleanliness & shine of your car so that your car gives luxury look at a marriage ceremony of your brother, friend or any other relative. Spice up this special occasion after detailing your car. Feel the difference when you do car detailing for a marriage ceremony in Islamabad.

Friends & family

When ever you want to meet your old friends or family members in Pakistan it is best choice to do your car detailing in Pakistan from our experts so that you get the most beautiful and new like car shine. After car detailing you will get complements from your friends and family members which will make you happy.

Post Monsoon Car Wash

In Pakistan Monsoon occurs due to which the air becomes damp & humidity increases which decreases the cleanliness and shine of your car. Get car detailing in Islamabad today to restore the shine & cleanliness of your car after a Monsoon season.

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